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Percussive and catchy, for fans of Paramore, Billy Talent, Skip the Use…

Native of the Paris area, Aguelenna started on stages around Paris, with nearly 150 concerts alongside artists like Mademoiselle K, Lou Reed, H-F Thiefaine, Pony Pony Run Run, Villa Fantôme or else Tri Yann.

With no pretense to invention, the band has broken free from any stylistic format and little by little, by means of poetical lyrics and physical energy, tends to assume a much more rocky attitude in the language of Molière. In the tradition of bands like Superbus, Paramore or else Skip The Use, the three members of the band ride on the wave of heavy US rock sound in French. They won the bet since they brought out their first EP « Jour de foire » in 2017. Good critiques encouraged the band to start working on an album in 2019. Unfortunately, with the sudden advent of the Covid pandemic, it took more time than initially planned to come out.

Supported by the SMAC L’Empreinte (Savigny-le-Temple 77), Aguelenna then availed themselves of the time afforded to go deeper into the different aspects of creation and still further in the writing of music and lyrics. Mixed by Fred Dusquene, the album was completed in the spring of year 2023.

In the meantime, the trio shows on stage the new Aguelenna sound and scores with professionals since they were awarded the 2nd Sacem prize (For the best lyrics) in the final of the modern music contest of Seine-et-Marne.

 New doors open. M&O Music will be their label for the release of their first eponymous album on February 2nd 2024 as well as beforehand an EP and clip, Pink Punk, on September 26th 2023.

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