EKO – Déficit d’Humanité

Fusion Rock / Metal  / Rap


M&O Music 368-B

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The French fusion return: the sound of rebellion between groove and brute force.
For fans of Rage Against the Machine, Lofofora, No One is innocent…

2006: a rocker, a metalhead, a reggae man and a funky boy get together and create EKO near Saint-Quentin in the Aisne region. Initially instrumental, their music put groove in the spotlight. Vocals soon followed, and the compositions became funky. By this time, the lyrics were already alerting us to the urgency of climate change. Two EPs: Miss Météo in 2010 and Révoltés in 2013. EKO takes its time to fine-tune its music. Always active, the band plays a series of concerts and festivals. Over time, the tone hardens, as does the social climate.

In 2015, it’s the big turn. EKO changed trajectory and played musical chairs. The guitarist takes the microphone and the singer switches to guitar. While groove is still central to their music, funk gives way to fusion, with hip-hop and metal in equal measure. Rage Against The Machine and Lofofora are among their influences. With this new repertoire, EKO released a “mini album”, Tout Ce Qu’On A in 2017. A raw sound over powerful rhythms served by a killer flow. No compromises. Building on this momentum, the quartet are digging deeper and deeper into their music.

On the eve of the release of the album Déficit d’Humanité (spring 2024 on the M&O Music label), EKO is in full maturity. He delivers impeccable live performances and is finally ready to show the world his full potential. The video clip for Un Homme Cassé, released in December 2023, gives a first glimpse.