Penumbra – Eden


Symphonic Gothic Metal

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Formed in 1996, Penumbra quickly made a name for themselves on the international metal scene, particularly in Germany, the Netherlands and South America. Since their first opus “Emanate” released in 1999, the French band’s line-up of 7 musicians has left a mark on their first concerts. The gothic and symphonic metal scene has offered Penumbra a place of honor among the greatest like Within Temptation and Epica, with whom the band has shared the stage several times.


Penumbra has always stood out for its eclectic style that combines heavy, rhythmic, assertive metal with melodic lines, lyrical vocals and the sound of classical instruments such as oboe, which Penumbra was the first to introduce into Metal. Its 3 singer-composition – 1 female lyrical voice, 1 black voice and 1 clear and Death male voice – is immediately identifiable and offers the style its identity both brutal and majestic.


“The Last Bewitchment” (2002) and the unavoidable “Neutral”, “Torrent of fears” and “Priestess of my dreams” still attract today’s Metal audience and the nostalgic metalheads of the 2000s.


With the introduction of oriental chants and bagpipes, “Seclusion” (2003) states a musical turning point with ethnic and Celtic influences, in tracks like “The Prophetess” and “Seclusion” the eponymous title. The album marks the apogee of the band and will bring them international acknowledgement from the symphonic metal audience.


Always in search of new sounds, “Era 4.0” (2015), the band’s fourth self-produced album, introduces Penumbra in the era of symphonic Neo Metal.

Today, the band’s musical maturity is reflected in its 5th album “EDEN”, revisiting symphonic Gothic Metal, a return to its first loves and the work of its deep identity.


“The loyalty of our fans is the proof of our accomplishment and the reason why we still put so much heart into composing our music, the one that has been thrilling us for almost 30 years.” Jarlaath, 2023.