Suicide Puppets – From Beyond The Veil

Horror Industrial Metal


M&O Music 366-B

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For the fans of Fear Factory, Static-X and Wednesday 13

Intended Release Date is October 13, 2023: After two and ahalf years since “Tales of Living and Dying on Slaughter Ridge Road, Suicide Puppets is back, freshly signed, and here with a brand-new EP, “Beyond The Veil”

“Beyond The Veil” is an unknown state of life after death thatstarts off with a driving track, “Death Note”, a song about a serial killer musician who kills a fan at each venue while on tour.  Death Note is followed up by A Thousand Ways to Die, which tells you the many ways the serial killer can and will come after you. Prey takes us down the path of having dark days and dark thoughts. Things slow down a bit with Everyday which teaches us how to live everyday like there is no tomorrow.  We finish off with Sinner a powerful heart pumping song about being a serial killer hiding in plain sight.




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