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A chaotically beautiful display of life – a modern take on the 90’s Seatle rock! – For the fans of Alice in Chains, Them Crooked Vultures and Black Sabbath.

Viva la Wolfe is preparing for the release of their debut album “Prosperity”, which will be heavier than ever. The band will reveal a darker and grittier side, which isalready apparent on the first track and single “In the Fields” showcasing a dynamic balance between hard-hitting octaved guitar hooks and groovy stripped-down verses.On this album the band draws inspiration from the raw and dirty grunge of the 90’s letting the gloomy and unpolished grow from the depths of chaos.

This is combined with impulsive, atmospheric unfoldings and dynamic shifts inspired by the sound of the 70’s. Finally, thoughtful acoustic moments are thrown into a mix that will plunge the listener into a vulgar and beautiful ocean of sound.

The lyrics of the songs on Prosperity will take the listener through a multitude of different lyrical universes stretching from religious and political ostracization to the terrors of sleep paralysis and even the lifecycle of salmon.