Charcoal – Rocks

Hard Rock 


M&O Music 403-B

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For fans of Motörhead, Backyard Babies, Mötley Crüe, AC/DC, Kiss and all the others…

CHARCOAL is first of all 4 Hard Rock enthusiastswhose positive addiction lies somewherebetweenMotörhead and MötleyCrüe and who come togetherin 2023 to work on the creation of an original, sincere and respectfulrepertoire of theiridols. … It isthen a band made up of a bassist-singer fan of Thin Lizzy (whose vocal timbre is on the borders of a Danko Jones and an angry Kravitz), a multi-recidivisthitterwithnumerousexperienceswhoswearsonly by Bonham or Tommy Lee, a rhythmcarried by the love of a FasterPussycat or a Backyard Babies and finally a “ handsomeguy ” with agile fingerswhowaswrong by a few decades and dreams of equaling a Slash or Tremonti!

You will have understood, good taste, love of distortion, Hollywood Boulevard and backcombedhairfullydefine the artisticextent of theirtalent!

But Charcoal isabove all a first EP whichwillbereleased on May 3, 2024, an astonishing first clip which arrives immediately, patched jackets, a goat’shead as a logo, assertive Anglo-Saxon poetry as well as concerts withKoritni, Locomuerte, Buckcherry, Grand Slam and manyothergreatthings to come…

In short, a beautiful story thatbegins for a united combo united in the love of Rock at decibels!