Chakora – Fractured Fate

Groove Rock/Metal


M&O Music 402-B

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Fort he fans of Machine Head, Down, Crowbar…

Dive into a unique musical experience with “Chakora” and their newest album “Fractured Fate”, a seamless fusion of Groove Metal grit and psychedelic Rock allure.

Across the album’s ten tracks, the bands kill fully weaves together heavy-hitting riffs, entrancing melodies, and progressive nuances. This release not only solidifies “Chakora’s” standing as front runners in the German Groove Metal and Rock scene but also offers fans a captivating journey through a dynamic and evolving musical landscape.

A must-have for enthusiasts seeking a fresh, powerful  sound that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Immerse yourself in the world of “Chakora” and let the music unfold a narrative of intensity, depth, and creative exploration.

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