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For the fans of Rise of the Northstar, James Brown and Pantera

brokNface was formed in 2023. Their influences cover a wide range from the dawn of modern music to its latest form, combining old and new in order to create something new, owned by no one but themselves.

They released their first and punchy EP “Reborn” in may 2023, then the band worked together to improve and polish their art, sonically as well as visually, to provide a deeper look into their vision.

It’s a fine combination of modern metal strength, R&B groove and sensibility,, add genuine and moving lyrics, then pour some visual identity blending digital culture, dreams and fashion: here is brokNface.

Ain’t no hybrid thing, ain’t no fusion, that’s a brand new authentic style with its own spirit.

You’ll dance, you’ll sing along, you’ll let loose.

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