Rusthead – Gear Up!


Power Rock


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Clutch meets Airbourne : Gotta see their Power Rock live !

Founded in 2018 in Cherbourg, power rock quartet Rusthead has evolved over the years to its current formation in September 2023. It’s made up of Alex, on lead vocals and guitar, Antoine on lead guitar and Effyx and Joe, drummer and bassist respectively. 

Their blend of US and Australian rock is featured on their first album, released in 2022, and on their second album, Gear Up, released in May 2024 with support from Le Circuit. But it’s on stage that Rusthead really shines, with a show packed with furious riffs and infectious good humor.

It’s thanks to the quality of their live performances that they win the 2023 Tremplin organized by the Circuit, opening the door to major Cotentin festivals this summer: Les Art’zimutés and Musikensaire.

A band to watch!