LOBEPINE – luv.ca

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For fans of The Strokes,The Voidz and Gorillaz

« luv.ca » is the new LOBEPINE’s EP composed of four tracks. It is built like a passionate love story that ends prematurely.

The first track « HOME » describes the desire between the two protagonists. « ABOUT US » tells how love blooms in this relationship and with « PRIVACY POLICIES », the main character is feeling weary about it. And finally, « SIGN OUT » is the end of the relationship, a kind goodbye between two persons who loved each other.

Musically, « luv.ca » can be classified as an Indie Pop EP with electric guitars softly saturated and Folk guitars are present in almost all the tracks. We can also hear other string instruments like violin, cello, upright bass and electric bass of course. Some wind instruments are the honour like clarinet, oboe, saxophone, french horn and native american flute.

If we pay attention, we can notice the name of the EP : « luv.ca » is a website domain name and each track corresponds to a page of this site. As if it was a dating site. Let yourself be seduced…