Primordial Black – Monas Hieroglyphica

Blackened Death Metal


M&O Music 379-B

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For fans of Celtic Frost/Tryptikon, Ulcerate, Neurosis, Shining, early Sepultura and Mgla

PRIMORDIAL BLACK is a Blackened Death Metal band that aim to create a disturbing, hypnotic and addictive atmosphere and strike a fine balance between the rage, the passion, the journey, the revolt and the disgust with the world around them.
Created by Yasser’s on the ashes of his previous band with the main intention to make people forget about everything he had previously created.
Three songs were composed, demoed and recorded by Yasser before ever scouting for band members. The main goal was to create the foundations, then bring people to build upon the tracks.

PRIMORDIAL BLACK mixes Yasser’s midpaced form of Black/Thrash influenced riffing and vocals with Mohamed Ben Hadida’s trailblazing drums patterns and infectious grooves. Walid Chaaben’s guitar works (inspired by Polish Black Metal Movement) act as the melodic conterpart to the strength and aggressiveness ignited by the triumvirat of Voice/Rythmic Guitar and Drums.
Dalii Gharselaouii is the most recent member of the band, but his Bass Guitar works will lay the foundation of our songs live.

The EP was tracked simultaneously at “Make Music Studio” for Vocals, Drums and Basses and “Music Factory Studio” for Guitars with Yasser Mahammedi Bouzina producing and overseeing the whole process with the help of co-producer Mohamed Raouf Youssef and engineer Selim Achour.

The songs were then shipped to FRANCE, in the expert hands of Yassine Omri at Silver Steel Studio to get mixed and mastered.